“How We Met” Niru & Shahil Pre Wedding Film

Best Actors Ever!!!, I can give them more than 5 Stars for the effort Niru & Shahil has made for this small film.

Niru and Shahil had a idea of making a video about their story that how they met in a funny way. We were really excited when they first came to us from Brisbane to Sydney with the script. It took us a lot of time to put this together but we knew from day one that every single minute we are contributing to it is worth.

They have to travel more than twice from Brisbane to Sydney and we made sure their efforts are worth. We can’t tell you how much fun we had while working with them and you will also get to see a little glimpse of BTS at the end. All the Family members who worked in this video have amazing acting skills and we couldn’t thank them much for their efforts to make this small movie so interesting. We personally have seen this more than 100 times and every time we watch it makes us laugh so hard.

We are sure everyone will enjoy watching this and would like to thank Niru and Shahil for giving us this opportunity to create something memorable for them.


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